The objective of this project was to bring the campaign's headshots to life through video whilst encompassing the name of the TONI&GUY collection 'Futurewise' 
This is probably one of my favourite creative projects i've ever worked on as having recently spent a lot of time training in Adobe After Effects I was able to put my newfound skills to the test in creative space without limitations. 
I decided to create a 3D environment using basic shape layers and looping stroke animations. I then brought the cutout headshots into the this 3D space and placed them in a series of poses. The viewer is then entered into this space and guided through using a 3D camera that roved around the different models, pushing in tight and corkscrewing as it transitioned around the scene. 
As part of the project I also filmed the models in a studio adjacent to where they were being photographed. I wanted to bring the additional footage of the models into the scene in a subtle way that would be support the idea of bringing these still models to life in a futuristic space.

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